Coin Jewelry at The Antique Ring Shop

Coin jewelry has a vintage feel to it and it has been trending for a few seasons now. But in 2019 the trend is bigger than ever. Some styles feature a single coin, while others layer up the coins. We have antique and vintage coin jewelry that have a very contemporary feel, from a subtle brooch to a striking charm bracelet.

It makes sense that this classic jewelry style went remarkably viral, as coin jewelry offer the utmost versatility, thanks to their infinitely vintage appeal. So if you are looking for something characteristic to take your outfit to a new level, think of the coin jewelry trend that you see throughout Instagram and street style!

Coin Jewelry can be divided into two categories: whole coins and cut coins. Whole coin jewelry has most likely been around since coins were first invented. Coin jewelry has been worn for centuries by both men and women, as a symbol for wealth and beauty. As long as people have been traveling, the coins of other nations have been a great souvenir to take back home. Travelers would have coins finished whole or with added engravings to be used as necklaces and rings.

coin jewelry trend at The Antique Ring Shop
(The silver charm bracelet includes a Dutch guilder from 1931, a Prince Bernard commemorative coin from 1962, an Austrian 25 Schilling from 1920 and a German Zwei Mark coin from 1905.)
Cut coins were probably first seen in the 1600's when men would pierce and cut coins to impress their lovers. It became a serious form of craftsmanship that produced some truly unique pieces of jewelry like the vintage Dutch silver coin ring we have in the shop.

Vintage Dutch silver coin ring at The Antique Ring Shop in Amsterdam

From the Egyptians to custom Chanel, authentic coin jewelry is a true statement. Ancient currency is sought out for its aesthetic appeal and craftsmanship, it has become modern couture.

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