Large vintage 18k gold tank ring with diamonds


SKU: JS10000

A great vintage "tank" ring made in 18 carat yellow and white gold, set with three larger and four smaller rose-cut diamonds (about 0.12 carat in total).

So-called Tank jewellery from the 1940's and early 1950's owes its name to the Second World War: the shape of these jewels resemble the tracks of an army tank. Bracelets and rings from the 1940's are often large and three-dimensional with geometrical shapes. 

The ring is voluminous and hollow wich makes it appear a bit heavier than it is - a great way to work with the scarcity of materials due to the war.

The ring size is currently 19, this can be modified if necessary.

A great piece of vintage history, the ring is overall in good condition.


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