Vintage opal and sapphire pendant in 18 carat gold


SKU: JS9762

An extraordinary 18 carat gold and blue enamel pendant set with eight round faceted peacock sapphires, six round cabochon opals and one drop shaped opal. 

The sapphires are a green blue color, some a little darker than others. There is about two carat of sapphires in total. 

The opals are Australian, mainly blue in color with some red and green speckles. 

The pendant is 4 cm in length, the section which is set with the stones measures 2.9 cm by 2.7 cm. The pendant weighs 9.5 grams. 

There is some wear on the blue enamel and a couple if little pieces are missing. There is a 2 mm piece of gold missing from the rear rectangular border section. The sapphires and opals are vibrant and in very good condition.   


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