Emerald engagement rings are a great choice

When you think of engagement rings, you think diamonds – or is that how it used to be? Colored gemstones are becoming more popular for engagement rings, and with good reason.

Slightly more exotic and unique than a diamond engagement ring is a ring with colored gemstones, perhaps combined with diamonds. If you are looking for an engagement ring with a gemstone, emerald is one of your best options.

Emerald is rich in history

Emerald is the birthstone of May. The color green is associated with spring, and emerald is surrounded by myths and legends, from the Romans to the Maharajas, to royal houses and Hollywood stars of our times.

The Antique Ring Shop in Amsterdam offers many choices in antique and vintage jewellery including engagement rings with diamonds and coloured gemstones in our collection. This time we would like to show you some gold rings with emerald.

Gold rings with emeralds and diamonds

Emerald with yellow gold is a classic combination. Paired with diamonds, this is a royal combination. This vintage rings with platinum or white gold and diamonds are in a class of their own.

Of course you can always go bigger. On the lower right, this impressive emerald and half cut diamond ring in platinum has an emerald of 3.8 carat.  Surrounded by 20 diamonds of about .36 carat in total:



Whether you love subtle or impressive, vintage or antique, The Antique Ring Shop in the center of Amsterdam has something for you. Browse our website or visit us here in the store, we hope to see you soon!

Check out The Antique Ring Shop's current collection of emerald jewelry!  


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