5 tips on how to buy an antique or vintage engagement ring

Here are a few things we learned about shopping for that all important engagement ring. We present 5 tips to help you find the perfect antique or vintage engagement ring. Read on!

Don’t get too hung up on what an engagement ring ‘should’ be. If you’re drawn to a diamond solitaire, that’s great, but if it’s not for you, there are plenty of unique options out there. In fact, a vintage or antique ring is a cost-effective way to get a spectacular stone, often hand-cut. And if you know where to look, a trusted seller can have what you may have been looking for all along.


  1. Don’t worry about ring size

If you know the ring size of the finger your partner will wear their engagement ring on, that’s great. We can also measure a ring they currently wear (without spoiling the surprise!). In any case, it’s also easy to resize the ring afterwards.

  1. Spend what you are comfortable with

Set a budget that you are comfortable with and let us know. We don’t want to sell you our most expensive ring (well, we do :), we want you to find the one that your partner will love the most. It can be a classic old-cut diamond solitaire ring, a fabulous gemstone ring or an exquisite Art Deco ring.


  1. Consider the 4Cs but also character and style

Everything you research about buying diamond rings talks about the 4Cs, the cut, color, clarity, and carat. Each of these individual Cs play a role in determining the value of the diamond and not just the carat weight. and there will of course be trade-offs. It's about the beauty of the whole diamond.

If you’re buying an antique diamond ring, the 4 Cs are less important. Also, not everyone wants a big sparkly ring! Some go for smaller diamonds or rose or old-cut diamonds. Rose diamonds have great personality but don’t sparkle as much as a brilliant cut diamond.

We always try to find beautiful old cut diamond solitaire rings. These are older hand-cut stones which have less facets but have plenty of character and style. Our customers really like them and they make terrific engagement rings (not to mention a very good price point).


4.  Reduce your stress levels with the right guarantees

Gearing up for a proposal is a big deal and of course you want the ring to be just right. The last thing you need to worry about is the fine print. If you buy your ring from The Antique Ring Shop your partner will be able to exchange the ring for another if you or your partner are entirely satisfied. Luckily this rarely happens, most partners are happy with the ring you choose. We help you define your wishes and make the best choice.

5. Take your time and trust your instincts

Many customers end up choosing the ring they first loved. Take your time to look around, see different styles and don’t feel pressured to make a choice. Sometimes, people are looking for a very specific ring and end up falling for something entirely different.

In our opinion, antique and vintage rings are unique, have an enduring charm, quality of craftsmanship and distinction that modern manufactured jewelry simply cannot match. Antique jewelry is an investment for the future, an heirloom you can pass on. Also, we think it's nicer for the planet to invest in beautiful pieces that have already existed for decades, centuries even.

Got it, now take me to engagement rings! 

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