Vintage and antique engagement rings: our speciality

Choosing a vintage or antique engagement ring is a very personal affair. Anything can be an engagement ring, really, and these days the traditional left hand-right hand customs are hardly remembered.

Still, there are a few styles that most of our customer choose as engagement rings - later on paired with a plain gold wedding band or a gold band that is half or all around set with small diamonds.

The most classic option for an engagement ring is of course a single diamond gold ring called a solitaire. We always have many vintage and antique solitaire rings to choose from in all price categories.


A more sentimental option is a so-called "toi et moi" ring: a ring with two gemstones nestled side by side, symbolising the unity with your partner. In French, toi et moi means you and me. This style is a classic in antique and vintage jewellery, ever since Napoleon gave his fiancée, Joséphine one of these rings, with a diamond and a sapphire. (This ring auctioned for 730,000 euro in 2013!).
Another classic engagement ring style is the yellow or white gold ring set with a coloured gemstone and a diamond entourage. Princess Diana got an iconic oval blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds, we have all sorts of different ones in the shop. With tourmaline, emerald, sapphire or a diamond in the center and entourages of brilliant or old cut diamonds.

 We are happy to advise and help you pick the right ring for your future spouse. With 25+ years of experience in vintage and antique jewellery we can say that picking the right engagement ring for your person and your budget is our specialty.

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