Rose diamond

In the very beginning, when diamonds came out of India, they were only altered with only minor changes and a light polishing. There was the ‘point-cut’ and the ‘table-cut’, but the next step in diamond fashioning was the rose-cut, it became very en vogue and it is still around today. In contrast to the dazzling sparkle of the brilliant cut, rose cut diamonds exude a more subtle, sultry luster. They feel ethereal, dreamy, and sophisticatedly subtle.



Rose-cut diamonds have a flat bottom and a domed top. Like with every other cutting style, rose-cut diamonds or simply rose diamonds, were cut according to the shape of the rough. The dome is faceted with varying numbers of triangular facets, which are responsible for the rose-cut’s amped-up level of scintillation and sparkle. In the 18th century diamonds were discovered in Brasil, candles became better and widely available and diamond jewellery was increasingly popular with the rich and famous, Nothing sparkled better by candle light than a rose-cut diamond.



The cutting centres of Amsterdam and Antwerp produced the best rose-cuts - like the “Dutch rose” which had a more complex arrangement of facets in groups of six. The rose-cut’s superior brilliance, scintillation and their large surface was super popular throughout the 18th century and while new setting techniques were discovered and other shapes came into swing, by the mid-nineteenth century there was a resurgence of popularity for the more exquisite rose-cut diamonds perfected in Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition, an American rose-cut was patented around 1900 which fuelled an enthusiasm for the cut on yet another continent.



Being an antique jewellery shop in Amsterdam, The Antique Ring Shop always has rose-cut diamond jewellery for you to choose from. We have gold and silver cluster rings, solitaire rings and also rose diamond earrings, bracelets and pendants. We love rose diamonds because they have character, they breathe history and we believe that every antique jewellery lover should own (at least) one.

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